company profile

 Yantai AuYa stone Application Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in stone stone maintenance and application technology related business of Professional Company. The company developed and produced the system repair defects of stone products, stone protection products, daily maintenance of stone cleaning products and new products and complete stone over stone application system. The company independent research and development of stone a series of protective products due to scientific and reasonable formula as well as the world's top raw materials business matching, since the products listed with excellent quality and high price praised by users at home and abroad, has also been applied to the subway, airport, Olympic Games and other large construction projects. The stone stone defect repair series products with magical effect is applied to stone in the processing, to enhance the quality of stone but also save mine resources.09 years the company has launched a strong stone care and daily. Support products, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign brands in the field of high quality and high efficiency of a variety of related products for the foundation, drawing on foreign advanced construction technology and methods, the establishment of a professional construction team, engaged in stone mining, processing, laying and maintenance of the daily maintenance of a variety of difficult conditions, defects, protection, cleaning, renovation, maintenance and other related construction and technical advice.
Now the company is engaged in the business and involves a wide range of stone mining, processing, installation, protection, cleaning, renovation, maintenance repair and protection of maintenance and stone artifacts.
"Hoya" brand penetration stone protective agent and stone antifouling agent is Chinese stone material industry association as the outstanding products to the society.
The company also actively participated in various social activities related to the industry, to promote advanced construction methods and techniques for improving and promoting the maintenance of domestic stone technology and level, reduce and avoid construction disputes and losses, improve the overall effect of stone decoration made due contribution.
General manager of the company Mr. Wang Jianqiu is executive director of China Stone Industry Association, China Association of professional experts in the application of the expert committee of the professional committee of experts, the China National Association of stone chamber of Commerce experts, China standardization management committee member of the stone Standardization Technology Committee, he was the first stone protective agent industry standards and technical specifications of the main drafting.